World Rainbow Vibrational Essence Conference

Conference to be held Saturday 19th - Monday 21st March 2011 at Dev Aura

Friday March 18th 2011

  • Setting up stalls
  • Arrival, registration, optional evening meal
  • Informal welcome at Dev Aura
  • BFVEA AGM at Dev Aura

Saturday March 19th 2011

9:00am Further Registration
9:30am Pomander Dedication and Meditation (PDM) and welcome Speech Mike
10:10am Andreas Korte Healing Biodiversity with the help of essences Germany
11:00am Break
11:15am Steve Johnson The Alaskan Essences in Social Services work around the world USA
12:05pm Brief introduction to the work of the BFVEA with Jan Stewart and Erik Pelham England
12:10pm Chris Bailey (wife of Arthur Bailey) The Arthur Bailey Memorial Lecture Canada
1:00pm Lunch
1:45pm Chakra Walk at Shire Farm led by Mike OR Alternative Activity at Dev Aura
3:40pm Tea Break
4:00pm Dr. Andrew Tresidder Healing Patterns for Personal Growth England
4:50pm Erik Pelham What Essences are and why they help the awakening of the Rainbow Light Body around the earth England
5:40pm End of Day
7:00pm (approx) Optional Dinner then Evening entertainment provided by Mary Whelan and James Asher with Erik Pelham

Sunday March 20th 2011

9:30am PDM Mike
10:10am Janet Stewart & Dominique de Bourgeois Facing our Shadows England & France
11:00am Break
11:20am Marion Davis What prepares you for that first dose of a new essence? England
12:10pm Ann Callagham Bridging the Gap between Fear and Love Ireland
1:00pm Lunch
2:10pm Discussion Forum International concerns on essence production Chair Sabina Pettit
3:10pm Dr. Atul & Dr. Rupa Shah Changing information in DNA through Flower Essences India
4:00pm Tea Break
4:20pm Marri Walters The unique Miracle Flower essences emerging in the Great Lakes USA
5:10pm Sophia Savich Ancient Forest Essences (with slide show) USA
6:00pm End of Day
7:00pm (approx) Optional Dinner then Evening entertainment provided by Haythem and Moondance

Monday March 21st 2011 (Spring Equinox)

9:30am PDM and Equinox Meditation Mike
10:10am Renata & Stephen Ash The extraordinary potential of the evolving Rainbow Light Body England
11:00am Break
11:20am Claudia Booth Aura-Soma Colour Essences and the local landscape England
12:10pm Muriel Pichard The Healing Path Essences of the Wild Earth Animal Essences France
1:00pm Lunch
2:20pm Cathie Welchman Goddesses England
3:10pm Clare Harvey The frequency of Sound & Flowers of the Orient Essences England
4:00pm Tea Break
4:20pm Equinox Celebration & Discussion Chaired by Erik & Mike
5:00pm Closing Talks
5:30pm Conclusion