World Rainbow Vibrational Essence Conference

Conference to be held Saturday 19th - Monday 21st March 2011 at Dev Aura


Mary Whelan (Saturday Evening)

Mary Whelan

Mary Whelan lives in Dublin and teaches Circle Dancing, Sacred Dancing and Dancing The Rainbow. She has a B.Sc in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University and has been teaching dancing for over 11 years. Her training embraced different dance styles and traditions with eminent teachers throughout Europe (notably three generations of the Klocke family, Friedel, Saskia and Nanni). She is a personal student of Martine Winnington, teacher of the Bach Flower and Nature Dances.

Mary is passionate about dancing and movement and the way in which it invokes healing and inner connection in the dances she leads. She has a knack of interpreting each dance in a way that evokes the best from her dancers, especially those who believe they can't dance. She has patience and skill in abundance and is especially good at demonstrating that everyone can dance, even those born with a disability.

She inspires everyone to open to the heart-touching qualities of the music, the simplicity of the steps and the sheer joy and ease of learning the dance. Mary's enthusiasm is contagious and she makes learning easy and fun. She is looking forward to sharing the Bach Flower Dances with everyone at the World Rainbow Essence Conference.

James Asher (Saturday Evening with Erik Pelham and Sunday Evening)

James Asher

James Asher is a musician and composer, whose first instrument is drums, and is also a keyboard player.

His life was transformed in a very positive way by meeting Vicky Wall and Mike Booth in 1984.

He was lucky enough to have a chance to record Vicky Wall, who gave poetic and inspirational meditations using his music.

Having previously written music for soundtracks, he embarked on writing commercial albums in both worldbeat and more meditational styles. The worldbeat album `Feet in the Soil` which was released in 1995 in association with Aura-Soma has proved a worldwide bestseller. It features several musicians connected with Aura-Soma, including singing by Mike and Claudia Booth.

Other album releases include The Great Wheel,Tigers of the Raj, Drums on Fire, Raising the Rhythms, Colours of Trance, Globalarium, Dance of the Light, Bravado Masala, Rivers of Life and Globalarium.

His association with Aura-Soma remains strong to the present, and his last releases were CDs inspired by the 72 Angels course.

His drumming has taken him to Australia, India, Japan, St Barts and South Africa, as well as many European destinations.

He currently performs with a number of different bands, including a ceilidh band, blues band

Haythem (Sunday Evening)

A brilliant young guitarist who is just 18 years old, come from Egyptian roots. He plays a unique percussive style of guitar playing.

Moondance (Sunday Evening)

James Asher

MoonDance provide a truly unique ceilidh experience. Imagine the accessibility of traditional dance music combined with power of rock and funk music. Unlike many electric barn dance bands, the MoonDance sound is more than just an acoustic folk band grafted onto a pub-rock rhythm section. The music has been developed as true fusion of the best of traditional and modern dance rhythms.

The band line-up is usually a six-piece featuring the fiddle of Tom Fairbairn, the electric guitar of Brian Heywood, percussion and loop meister Sam McEvoy, drummer and world famous world beat producer James Asher on drums and Chris Page on bass guitar and top caller Cate Bannister. The band includes players from such ground-breaking groups as The Cluster of Nuts Band, Blue Horses, Boka Halat and Whapweasel, so you can be assured of the very best in ceilidh/barn dance music.

Speaker Bios and Talks

Stephen and Renate Ash

Stephen and Renate Ash

Originators of the Rainbow Essences® and the Golden Light Project, Renata & Steven have been researching and working with the expanding human energy body for over 20 years. Together they created a unique system of 13 keys which initiate deep healing on the physical, emotional and mental levels and form the basis of the expansion of human consciousness.

Renata studied medicine at Vienna University, she is a specialist in energy psychology and energy medicine, international teacher and author. Steven is a master acupuncturist, diviner, music and sound healer. He lectures internationally and is the author of Sacred Drumming and The Healing Home. Both Renata & Steven are recognized as authorities in the field of energy medicine, healing and the human consciousness movement.

Steven and Renata's work is about helping to engage with life with ease and grace through releasing energetic blocks and connecting with the unlimited potential of the Highest Self. They do this through online programs, workshops, seminars and sacred journeys to places of power on our beautiful planet. They have a deep love for Mother Earth and the ancient ways of interacting with her and much of their energy is directed towards creating an awareness of the sacredness of Gaia and the interconnectedness of all life.

The Talk

Steven and Renata will give an introduction into the extraordinary potential of the evolving Rainbow Light Body and explain the importance for the awakening of human consciousness at this crucial point in the history of our planet. They will offer a direct experience of the Rainbow Essences and the transforming energy of the Golden Light.

Dr Atul and Dr Rupah Shah (AUMHIMALAYA essences)

Dr Atul and Dr Rupah Shah

Dr. Atul K. Shah is an M.D. in Allopathy and a Radiologist from Bombay University. He has been a medical doctor for 32 years; with wide experience in treatment & diagnostic methods in Allopathy as well as Alternative Medicines. He trained in M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and was an honorary assistant professor of Radiology in Bombay University. Due to his allopathic background, he has had the advantage of treating various kinds of patients with a variety of diagnosis and so called incurable diseases.

Dr. Rupa A. Shah (MBBS) trained in western medicine in Bombay and developed a very keen interest in Homeopathy about 23 years ago. While researching & treating patients, she came across Flower Remedies and after getting highly encouraging results from using flower remedies, decided along with her Doctor husband to produce and research Indian Flower Essences, as there was lot of ancient philosophy behind Indian Flower Remedies. Thus she became a pioneer in developing Indian Flower Remedies. Dr Rupa has dedicated her life to researching bio energy remedies and is sharing her findings with practitioners all over the world. Being trained as an Allopathic physician has helped her to convince her colleagues and make them interested in using Bio- energy Remedies. She uses her allopathic knowledge in her research to present it more scientifically.

Both Doctor Atul and Doctor Rupa trained in Lifestyle Medicine; from the Harvard Medical School Boston, USA and Dr Rupa now treats all her patients with the help of flower energy remedies and other complementary therapies and now lectures all over the world on this subject. They have both been invited to deliver guest lectures at various national and International conferences and seminars on alternative medicines.

The Talk Changing information in DNA through Flower Essences. Introduction to the Quantum world. All the concepts about quantum physics, biology, mechanics and medicine etc.

What appears solid is empty, Matter and energy both exist simultaneously, We are both, matter as well as energy being, Body as Matter and Spirit as Energy, First comes energy into existence, then comes matter, The energy field is the blue print of the material world, Matter organizes itself as per the info in the energy field, Information plus energy makes up flower essences.

Introduction to the concept of Wave Genetics

Flower essences carrying the genetic information in wave form with water as medium

Each flower essence corresponds to a group of codes on DNA. The language or code of DNA is the same as the language or message of flower essences

Concept of wave bio computer and relation to the concept of Macrocosm and microcosm

How precise the effects are?

What is the role of time here?

Rewriting our DNA simply with flower essences

Rewriting DNA of any living thing or anything

Reprogramming DNA - Safe Genetic engineering

Examples of using flower essences successfully in following ways:

  • Ancestor syndrome/ Transgenerational remedy
  • Intrauterine life
  • Genetic disorders example Turner's syndrome, Tuberous sclerosis
  • Heavy metal toxicity Lead is commonest toxicity, easily reversed
  • Childhood Asthma totally reversed, as genetic programming is changed
  • Detox program and DNA

Mike Booth - Chairman of Aura-Soma Products Limited (ASPL) and Principal of A.S.I.A.C.T., the Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies

Mike Booth

In 1984 Mike met Vicky Wall, founder of Aura-Soma, and became her closest companion, travelling and teaching with her for the next seven years. Their mutual recognition was based in part on similar unique spiritual experiences, and a sense of shared purpose quickly arose between them. As Aura-Soma grew, Vicky ultimately entrusted Mike to carry on the creation of the Aura-Soma substances and to continue the unfoldment into the world of the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. When Vicky passed in 1991, Mike and his wife, Claudia Booth, assumed the stewardship of Aura-Soma and set about with a group of committed co-visionaries to fulfill Vicky's mission to bring the transformative powers of colour to as many people in the world who want it.

Much of Mike's colourful life before Aura-Soma seems to have well-prepared him for his unique future! His spiritual journey has spanned many influences and traditions, starting with parents who were active in the Theosophical Society and hosted many gatherings of remarkable and gifted individuals in their home. He undertook Druidic studies at a young age, which introduced him to the richness of nature and the importance of cooperation with the Earth. As his inner life continued to develop, he became involved with the mystical Kabbalah, the systemology of the Tree of Life and the angelic realms. He later trained in Sufism and then Zen, which he practiced for 10 years, incorporating Zen meditation techniques during his extensive work in management training. All of these, including his experience as a healer and his keen interest in the philosophies of Rudolph Steiner - particularly in the areas of education, biodynamic farming and colour as a language of universal consciousness - would become significant contributions to the development of Aura-Soma philosophies and practices. Aura-Soma's Shire Farm is a notable example of Mike's commitment to biodynamic farming, reforestation and a soil to soul approach which links the care and vitality of the earth to personal and planetary well-being.

Trained in fine art with a degree in education, Mike's long-time artistry as a potter, and ultimately a painter of internationally-known mandalas, deepened his spiritual life and further cultivated the receptivity and inspiration that has been so vital to the continuing emergence of Aura-Soma in the world. As Chairman of ASPL, Mike oversees all activities of Aura-Soma and is vitally involved in new product development. From bottles 44 to 107, he has been responsible for “birthing” the Equilibrium formulas and the energies they carry for the needs of our time.

Mike is also Principal of ASIACT, Aura-Soma's charitable sister-organisation dedicated to expanding awareness and education on the benefits of colour in relation to consciousness and well being. In Mike's work with ASIACT as an educator and inspirational speaker, he travels throughout the world illuminating the mysteries and meanings of colour, subtle anatomy, complementary traditions, the use of Aura-Soma substances and care of the planet. As the demand for Aura-Soma products and training has grown, Mike's role as an educator has taken him and Aura-Soma into the lives of more than 50,000 people all over the world.

Mike is an author of many books on the understanding of colour and the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System®, which have been translated into several languages including German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. As a vocalist and an instrumentalist on the Australian didgeridoo and the Swiss hang, Mike has also collaborated on several musical and meditation CDs for Aura-Soma.

Ann Callaghan

Ann Callaghan

Originally trained as a homeopath, Ann became a teacher of homeopathy and a director of the Irish School of Homeopathy. During her training she read a book that talked about a coming evolutionary change that would be facilitated by the birth of a new kind of human. She knew this was her life's work and decided to specialize in the treatment of children in her homeopathic practice. The early Indigo Essences, Combinations for Kids, were made in consultation with her two nephews, while she was still working as a homeopath.

Ann now teaches workshops on how to use Indigo Essences to help the new children and also on how the essences can help adults going through the shift in consciousness. She lives on the East coast of Ireland with her husband and a great assortment of animals and flowers.

The Talk Indigo Essences - Bridging the Gap between Fear and Love

Indigo - the colour in the night sky just before the dawn of a new day

Ann is going to talk about the overall purpose of the Indigo Essence range and detail the different essence sets in the range which can help us find our way on this journey from Fear to Love. The talk will include Ann's map for the movement from fear to love and processes and ways to use essences that she has found useful along the way.

Marion Davis (aka White Hawk)

Marion Davis

White Hawk is a medicine woman living in North West London. She has been working in the healing field for 24 years. She includes in her work bone-setting, hands on healing, crystals, sound healing and flower essences. She has been working with plants since she was a little girl with the ability to talk to nature spirits. She is also a qualified fitness instructor and likes to make her talks and workshops active in some way.

A good proportion White Hawks' work revolves around relationship issues and her essences reflect that fact. She is well known for her love potions and unconventional delivery when it comes to talks with an outrageous approach to working.

The Talk What prepares you for that first dose of a new essence

What prepares you for that first dose of a new essence? In short, not much. Although we trust that it is right for us, feel the timing is right and give ourselves time to recognise the subtle and not so subtle affects, we cannot always be prepared for what comes… Surprises come in little bottles. They are sometimes shocking, sometimes very welcome and occasionally downright annoying. White Hawk shares her own experiences as an essence maker taking essences for the first time.

Clare Harvey

Clare Harvey

Clare G Harvey, 3rd generation from a line of healers, grandmother learnt and worked with Dr Bach & Nora Weeks, Grandfather was a well know medical intuitive working in Harley St. My family run a residentual Natural Healing Centre in Dorset. I 'm a healer & flower essences consultant in Harley St and am the Flower Essence adviser on Tesco/Nutri Centre panel of experts.

I write books on Flowers Essences, ie The Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies, write for magazines, run Floweressence CGH, a flower essences online, retail & practitioner buiness. Have my own Flower essences skincare range Spirit of Beauty and flower essences line for women Flowers of the Orient, and sound essence line Soundwave Frequency Essences.

The Talk

Using the frequency of Sound & Flowers of the Orient Essences to shift outmoded vibrational patterning to awaken & support the Rainbow light Body.

Chris Bailey (Bailey Essences)

Chris Bailey

My name is Chris Bailey, and I am Arthur Bailey's wife.

Arthur died in 2008, and the following year, we held a memorial service at the BFVEA where we showed some family pictures of Arthur through his life. Arthur was a very private man who had some incredible experiences. He was a healer and worked with various renowned teachers during his life. His background was fascinating – he moved from being extremely traditional and old-fashioned, if you will, to a freedom of spirit and depth of understanding that many of us strive towards.

The Talk Acupuncture Set of Essences and Arthur Bailey

Chris will present another, slightly different look at Arthur's life, encompassing his growth and some of the writing that he did which have previously been unavailable. In this way, she hope to show how his flower essences can truly help personal growth and development, and to offer an insight to the life of this amazing man.

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is the owner and director of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project which he co-founded in 1984. Steve has been preparing and researching the Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences for the past 28 years. He has written three books on vibrational healing and travels extensively around the world teaching about the Alaskan essences. Steve has over 26 years of experience as an essence therapist and has pioneered a new style of Space Clearing using the Alaskan Essences.

The Talk The Alaskan Essences in Social Services work around the world

Steve will present information on a number of social service programs in Brazil, the United States, and the UK that are using the Alaskan essences to meet the challenges of homelessness, poverty, addiction, unwanted pregnancy, trauma and abuse. He will also present information on his company's Animal Care Program, which has donated essences to various animal shelters, clinics, and sanctuaries around the world.

Andreas Korte

Andreas Korte

Born and raised near Lake Constance, Andreas Korte currently lives in Switzerland. Having completed various educations in the field of botany he started preparing the first flower essences in 1984 in Switzerland followed by work in the Provence and in the Amazonas region. Mr. Korte is author of several books and producer of essences. In 1989 he developed the first orchid essences worldwide at the Amazonas and in 1991 the first Dolphin essence DELPH. Since 1996 he is working with crop circles and since 2000 with the Holistic Light Therapy (HLT).

The Talk Healing Biodiversity with the help of the essences

Ever since the development of the dolphin essence a positive effect on our environment and the biodiversity has been noticed. Today we are working with various animal essences to help the survival of their species. Furthermore in our research with crop circles we could verify how important the subject of DNA diversity and its protection is these days.

Erik Pelham

Erik Pelham

I was born in India, being the fourth of seven children of English/Swedish parents. From a very early age I have been fascinated by colour, music and natural healing and there was much in India to feed this fascination. At twelve years old I came to England to begin a new life and I quickly developed music and photography as my main hobbies. After University I became a professional photographer for seventeen years, and at this time explored light and colour from a visible viewpoint.

But my career in photography gradually finished as I became immersed in the use and study of essences, crystals and 'New Age' issues together with Mike Booth. I joined Aura-Soma in 1993 as a Laboratory Manager and have now been here for seventeen and a half years. I am now exploring light and colour from an invisible, or spiritually based perspective. During my time in Aura-Soma I have been a Conference speaker and have developed the range of Butterfly and Sea Essences that we now sell around the world.

The Talk What Essences are and why they help the awakening of the Rainbow Light Body around the earth

I want to talk about all types of essences, but using the Butterfly and Sea Essences as examples. I want to explore what essences are, why they help us so much and why they are important at this time in our evolutionary cycle. I want to explore the theme of Awakening the Rainbow Light Body and what this means practically in our lives. Then I want to give examples of how particular essences help this process, and help us to really transform our physical lives in positive ways with the help of essences.

Muriel Pichard

Muriel Pichard

Muriel Pichard started her healing work 22 years ago when she moved from Paris to London and started training in homeopathy. During her studies, she met wonderful teachers who inspired her to connect with her essence within, exploring different forms of healing and becoming familiar with vibrational essences. This was a true revelation, changing the course of her life and work.

Dedicated and passionate about sharing her knowledge and how essences are catalyst for transformation and change, she created The Essence Within in 2000 to offer consultations and courses on vibrational essences in France and the UK, and works with leading creators of essences.

Her treatments and teaching work towards bringing the individual to their own unique power opening them to explore their innate potential, using vibrational essences as powerful catalysts for transformation.

The Talk The Healing Path Essences of the Wild Earth Animal Essences

Since 1996, Wild Earth Animal Essences - funded by Daniel Mapel - have been helping people around the world connect deeply with the wisdom and power of wild animals. In the tradition of flower remedies, these natural, vibrational remedies provide deep, gentle support for facing life's challenges and nurturing one's spiritual development.

Muriel will introduce us to the Healing Path Essences, a series of the following 7 combinations: Inner Work - Healthy Anger - Grieving Heart - Letting Go - Gratitude - Wild Freedom - Communion with God. The whole journey can be followed in sequence or taken at any point.

During the talk, we will focus particularly on the Letting Go and Wild Freedom combinations connecting with the wild animals who come to us through these essences as a source of support and guidance during our healing processes and the Universal source of Love present with-in and between all species

For more information on the Healing Path Essences, please visit here

Sophia Katy Savich

Sophia Katy Savich

Sophia has been working with Flower Essences since 1982. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and has a Masters in Creative Writing. Sophia and Richard live part of the year nestled in the Redwoods in Northern Cailifornia, and part of the year at Springwater Meditation Center in the Fingerlakes region of New York State.

Sophia and Richard are co-owners of Ancient Forest Essences. They create essences from ancient trees as an expression of their love for these magnificent beings. The simplicity of these gentle teachers is breathtaking and bountiful. It is a joy to work with these energies, to celebrate the presence of the ancient trees as they grow and unfold, so silent and welcoming. They reveal the unity of all of life, and continually call us back home to who we truly are.

The Talk

Sophia will share what she has learned from the forest—they teach us that we have a sacred relationship with nature, that we are no other than nature. We are the earth, we grow from the earth like the trees. Essences help us in deepening this understanding, in knowing and experiencing this unity. In the simplicity of taking these essences, of feeling the heart of these trees and environments in our bodies, we come home to ourselves.

We are no other than this vastness, even as we humbly walk this beautiful green earth.

Janet Stewart and Dominique Le Bourgeois

Janet Stewart Dominique Le Bourgeois

Janet Stewart always pursued two careers. In one she was an academic, writer and University Director of Postgraduate Research; in the other a complementary therapy practitioner. Jan began using and making essences in the 1960's. She is currently retired but finds time to produce the Stewart Essences range. She is Co-Chair of the BFVEA (British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association) and follows her interests in medical Botany and watercolour painting.

Dominique – Viviane Le Bourgeois. I was born in Paris and qualified as a Registered Nurse in the early 60's. Working in St. Francis Hospital, a Cardiac hospital in Rosslyn, NY, as technical nurse gave me experience in handling patients in a Caring way which was their policy!

That was the first influence in determining the direction of my life and my search into natural means. The second was the emotional issues and pain of my father's chronic depression. To witness the destructive effects of the treatments and watch an artistic man with a brilliant mind and original ideas reduced to nothing spurred me to find other unconventional methods. Every step of the way continues to be one layer of the onion, an expression dear to Judy Howard at the Bach Centre!

Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences, even Aromatherapy, pursue different approaches, each seeking to ease dis-ease. When I met Nora Weeks the wind had blew in my sails and Edward Bach's Philosophy and understanding of Disease became my Lantern in the dark and referral companion.

Through seeking other means to deepen the understanding and search I became involved in all sorts of subjects. This evolved into finding ways to understand the mechanism of emotional and physical dysfunctions and pain and has been the motivation behind seeking newer approaches like EIP and clearing cellular memories and their effects on our DNA.

My aim is to find ways to help everyone to regain their own power and become aware of their own potential, to fulfil one's purpose and find one's place in life. This is where true healing resides and continues to be a great adventure of discovery.

The Talk Facing our Shadows

Shadow behaviour is normal, yet most of us find it at the least embarrassing and, at the worst, something we must suppress so deeply it becomes banished from our awareness. Such rejection inevitably results in dis-ease leading to a range of symptoms - from depression and physical illness, to irrational, impetuous behaviour or angry outbursts. It can also make us arrogant, self-satisfied and intolerant of others. In this talk Jan will introduce the set of essences she has developed specifically for dealing with shadow issues called Lighten our Darkness whilst Dominique will share her experiences of using them with clients. By the end of the session they hope that everyone will realise that every saint has a past, every sinner has a future and that if we embrace our shadows we will live happier, healthier lives.

Dr Andrew Tresidder

Dr Andrew Tresidder

Dr Andrew Tresidder MBBS Cert Med Ed has been a Family Doctor in Somerset, UK for over 20 years. Author and educator, he uses a mind-body integrated approach in practice, as well as playing a role in the NHS in Somerset in Physician Health. He sees flower and vibrational essences as some of society's effortless tools for personal growth, to help us reach our potential as individuals and as a society. Since 1994 he counts himself privileged to have used many essences from skilled makers from around the world.

The Talk Healing Patterns for Personal Growth

This talk will aim to give an overview of themes of personal growth and essence use. Life is a Journey of Learning, of experiences and wisdom. To make the best of the journey there are some rules and some tools. Flower and other essences are some of the most valuable tools there are - for patterns from nature help us retune to our highest potential and develop our personalities. What's more, they make the journey much easier than life without them! - so why struggle with clouds of unresolved feelings and thought patterns when there's an easier way to heal them.

Merri Walters

Merri Walters

Is an internationally renowned healer, flower-essence maker and spiritual teacher known for the remarkable clarity of her intuitive insight and the deep integrity of her connection to spiritual guidance. For over 30 years she has offered wisdom drawn from her indigenous Saami grandparents, long-term relationships with native elders in the Hopi, Lakota and Aztec traditions, and her life experience with home-birthing, with raising eight children, and with having been a social worker in Brazil and Michigan. She is founder of Great Lakes Sacred Essences, which offers over 250 individual flower essences and other related products.

As a healer, Merri relies on nature's gifts of herbs, homeopathy, diet, and – the most treasured tool in her healing tool kit – flower essences. As a teacher, Merri speaks from her heart and her experience, guided by inspiration from nature's wisdom. She shares archetypical stories told with humor, joy and the energy of each experience. As a flower-essence maker, Merri accepts the guidance of the flowers and nature spirits, following nature's specific, timely messages. She makes essences with intention, love, prayer and the blessing of nature.

The Talk

Merri will speak about the unique Miracle Flower essences recently emerging in the Great Lakes region of America as the Earth adjusts to the paradigm shift of our time. The plants producing these miracle flowers have already gone through the transition and are offering us their flower essences for our support. Merri will tell the stories of these miracle flowers, accompanied by photographs and writings that capture the personalities the plants presented to her as additional gifts during essence making.

Cathie Welchman

Andreas Korte

Cathie is a flower essence producer and complementary therapist, and an experienced talk and workshop presenter. She lives and works in the green hills of Devon.

Cathie entered the world of alternative therapy in 1994, after a serious wheat allergy, triggered by studying for a challenging science degree, was cured with Health Kinesiology. Her Gaia essences range had its debut in 1995, and to-day it is a blossoming business, largely thanks to the internet. The Hawaiian Essences, Angel Orchid Sprays, Magdalene Flowers and the Godddess Essence ranges are proving to be the most popular.

The Talk

After a brief, illustrated introduction to the Gaia Essence range in general, the main focus of Cathie's talk will be on the Goddesses Bridget, Isis and Mary Magdalene, and how they can prepare us for Ascension. For the Bridget cleansing energy essence, she uses an ancient biblical technique for allowing higher light frequencies to enter the body. The Isis essence frequency will be broadcast with a bobber pendulum to assist in dismantling the veil of consciousness. Then the Mary Magdalene essence and meditation, for increasing inner joy, is the final part of the energy work being presented at the Conference by Cathie, in support of the awakening of the Rainbow Light Body.